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Document Copies

As the service provider, you are responsible for copying the employee’s identification documents. Do not instruct the new hire to bring you copies. If you’re at your office, making copies is easy. In the field, it’s a little more difficult. We recommend that you use [...]

Use the New Contact Form for All Inquiries

The new, interactive contact form will not only direct your question or comment to the correct person in our office, but will also direct you to the correct page at our site to update your profile, submit an update on an assignment, and [...]

Who Is Issued This Document?

Sometimes a new hire may present a document that doesn't seem correct for their declared citizenship status. A mismatched document can be an indication of fraud, so it is  important to know which documents you can accept as you complete Form I-9 for [...]

Don’t Quote Unless You’re Prepared to Do the Job!

We have recently had several instances where we have awarded a task to a service provider, only to have them back out because it was “too far” or they didn’t want to leave their office at all.  This is, obviously, unacceptable! Before you send a [...]

Great USCIS FAQ on Form I-9

Have a question about completing Form I-9? Check out this comprehensive FAQ at the USCIS web site:

Incorrect Document Return

When the client employer requests service, they designate by what method (regular mail, certified mail, digital download, etc.) they want documents returned. When we quote a cost for service (based on your quote), the client expects that they are paying for what they requested, [...]