Accepting Paypal payments without the fee

Since October 2018, Paypal has been the only method by which we pay service providers for completed tasks. It is quick, convenient and (can be) free of transaction fees. We no longer award assignments to service providers who cannot provide a Paypal email address or URL. (Update your profile here)

Generally, Paypal allows users to send/receive money either to/as “friends and family” or “for goods and services.” “Friends and family” is for low-risk transactions where you know the other party; while “goods and services” is for making purchases on eBay or other e-commerce sites; paying strangers for products and services; or completing other higher-risk transactions.

Paypal provides “buyer/seller protection” for “goods and services” transactions; in other words, a way to dispute to appeal a transaction and get your money back when things go wrong. For this service, Paypal charges a fee.

They do not charge a fee when you send or receive money as “friends and family.”

You can accept our payment for completed assignments via the email address associated with your Paypal account or via a more convenient URL. The link is pretty cool; you can send it to anyone to make it as easy as possible to pay you.

Whether or not you are charged a fee by Paypal depends not only on how we pay you but also on how you receive the funds. We pay you as “friends and family” but if you don’t receive it that way, you will be charged the fee.

With a personal Paypal account, you can configure your URL to receive funds as either “friends and family” or with the seller protection. If you have seller protection enabled, you will be charged a fee even if we pay you as “friends and family.”

If your Paypal account is a business account, payments received via your link will always be received as for “goods and services;” in other words, a fee will always be charged.

If you choose to receive payments in a way that incurs the fee, you should compensate for the fee in your quotes. You can calculate how much you should quote to cover the fee here: Paypal Fee Calculator

Your options:

  • If you haven’t updated your profile in a while or know that you previously requested payments by check, update your profile.
  • If you have a Paypal business account, have sent us a URL but want to avoid potential fees by removing it from your profile and receiving payments via your Paypal email address instead, contact us.

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