Avoiding the Spam Folder in Gmail

Are our emails going to spam? If you are missing our “invite to quote” or assignment emails because they are landing in your spam folder, the problem is easy to fix if you’re a Gmail user.

  1. Click the “Google apps” icon (the nine dots in a square, at the top right) and select “Contacts.”
  2. Create a contact for “Verifyi9 Remote” and add the following email addresses: remote@verifyi9.com, remote@verifyi9.com and somebody@verifyi9.com .

Google will usually not send emails to spam if they are from an address in your contacts. But if our emails continue going to spam:

  1. In the spam label, check the box in front of our email;
  2. Click the “Not spam” button at the top. The email will be moved to your inbox.

You may have to do this several times over a few days or weeks but, eventually, Gmail will learn!