Kudos: Florence Ellis-Ward

On a Friday at mid-day, a client requested service for the following Monday morning at 8 am. Five employees would be verified at a location on Long Island, New York. Florence Ellis-Ward, an Approved Service Provider who completed her first assignment for us in June 2017, submitted a competitive quote. Although the client did not … Read more

Kudos: Jennifer Lawhun

Service Provider Jennifer Lawhun has received a review of “Excellent” from our client on Case Number 707783245 completed in Franklin County, OH. Thank you, Jennifer!

Kudos: Darlene McKinnon

Service Provider Darlene McKinnon of San Diego, CA has received a review of “Excellent” from our client on Case Number ONW140599. Thank you, Darlene!

Kudos: Sharon VanAtta

ASP Sharon VanAtta has received a rating of “Excellent” from our client on Case Number ONW612714. Great job, Sharon!

Kudos: Kitty Ellis

From the employer on Case Number 162585953, about Missouri service provider Kitty Ellis: “We received everything in our portal as instructed. We really appreciate all of your assistance and making this such a painless process.” Thank you, Kitty!