I accept!

When we send you an invitation to quote on a service request in your area, we ask you to “reply to this email and enter the amount you will charge in the top line of your reply (not the subject line). No other information is required, and may disqualify your quote.” A growing number of … Read more

What do I copy?

Most assignments will require that you copy the identification documents that you describe in Section 2 of Form I-9. Generally, you should copy any side or portion of the document that shows meaningful identification information. Specifically, when you copy: All Passports (U.S. and foreign) Copy the page with the employee’s photograph (the info page); *New: … Read more

Policy update: selecting an appointment location

We recently lost a high-volume client due to a service provider’s actions in setting an appointment location. The service provider didn’t expressly violate our policy, but his actions did highlight the need to clarify where you may set an appointment to complete Form I-9. Our previous policy regarding appointment location was summarized in the “Invite … Read more

The employer wants me to notarize something….

While meeting with our client’s new hire to complete Form I-9, you might occasionally be asked to notarize a document. The following explains our policy and how you may proceed when receiving a request to notarize a document. (1) Form I-9 does not require notarization and you are prohibited from notarizing it by form rules. … Read more

When corrections require a second meeting

Approximately 25% of the forms completed by service providers contain errors serious enough to require correction. Usually, the errors require a few extra minutes, like adding an “Issuing Authority” to a document description, or writing in an overlooked “Citizenship/Immigration Status” at the top of page 2. Rescan the page; replace the defective page and upload … Read more