Restricted Social Security Card

You are completing Form I-9 for a new employee, and she has presented List B and C documents… a driver’s license and a Social Security card. But the SS card has info printed on it that you’ve never seen before. Here’s what you should do when a new hire presents a restricted Social Security card. … Read more

Today’s Common Errors 05/03

Data must be entered by the employee in all fields at the top of Section 1. If the employee does not enter info in optional fields, for example “Apt Number” or “Other Last Names”, you should require the employee to write “N/A”. (The email address and phone number are also optional fields.) The employee must … Read more

CBP Announces Change to Form I-94 Numbering Structure

05/03 – Article corrected by CBP. The identifying number issued with Form I-94, Arrival/Departure Record, will soon look a little different. Beginning in May 2019, the 11-digit identifier will end in two letters contain a letter. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) says the change offers a long-term solution for creating new numbers. A Form I-94 number … Read more

Document Copies

As the service provider, you are responsible for copying the employee’s identification documents. Do not instruct the new hire to bring you copies. If you’re at your office, making copies is easy. In the field, it’s a little more difficult. We recommend that you use the Dropbox app on your phone to scan the ID documents. The … Read more

Who Is Issued This Document?

Sometimes a new hire may present a document that doesn’t seem correct for their declared citizenship status. A mismatched document can be an indication of fraud, so it is  important to know which documents you can accept as you complete Form I-9 for our client. See this resource: