How to Create PDFs in Windows

Many service providers are using their cell phones to do business these days. While convenient, the phone is not always the best tool to accomplish the tasks associated with completing and returning Form I-9 and identification documents. When the employer selects “Electronic Return / Digital Download” as the document return method, we require you to … Read more

What Is the `Maximum Recommended Quote`?

We don’t tell you what to charge, but we also don’t tell you everything we know about a particular service request. So, when we see quotes for service that are way too high and will never be accepted by our client employer, we wish there was a way to give you a “hint” at what would … Read more

Document Return Options Explained

Verifyi9 offers our client employers several different methods for returning completed documents to them. Regular Mail – Put both pages of the original Form I-9 and the copies of the identification documents into an envelope; address the envelope to the return address from our instructions email; stick a stamp on it and send! Certified Mail – Certified … Read more

How to Set Up Electronic Return

This article describes how to set up your smartphone or tablet and your desktop and/or laptop to return completed forms and document copies electronically. What You Need: Smartphone or tablet Laptop or desktop PC Digital desktop scanner or the Dropbox app. Other options: Tiny Scanner Pro, (free Android version), CamScanner or your favorite mobile scanning app. We recommend … Read more

What Should I Charge?

This is the most common question that we receive, especially from new Approved Service Providers– what amount should I charge for a service request? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Obviously, you should submit a quote that covers your costs in time and materials; after all, there’s no point in performing a verification on which … Read more