Older profiles now being deleted

07/30 8 am – We have begun deleting service provider profiles if it: has not been updated since 01/01/2018; does not include a valid Paypal email address or Paypal.me URL You can update your service provider profile here: https://verifyi9remote.com/update/

Outdated profiles to be removed from ASP database

We are currently removing from the active ASP database profiles that have not been updated since 2017 or before. Your profile will not be automatically deleted if you have recently responded to an invite to quote; however, you are likely to receive more opportunities if you submit an update. We are also deleting the profiles … Read more

Contact form for effective communication

Simply replying to one of our emails may be convenient, but doing so very often results in delayed or failed communication. If you need to check on a payment, for example, your best option is to use the contact form here in the HelpDesk.

Zip Codes No Longer Used to Invite Providers

We no longer use the zip code to identify service providers to invite to quote. We now invite by county and state only. If you have not updated your service provider profile in the last six months, you may be missing out on service opportunities. Update your profile here.