Great USCIS FAQ on Form I-9

Have a question about completing Form I-9? Check out this comprehensive FAQ at the USCIS web site:

Incorrect Document Return

When the client employer requests service, they designate by what method (regular mail, certified mail, digital download, etc.) they want documents returned. When we quote a cost for service (based on your quote), the client expects that they are paying for what they requested, and they will get what they paid for! We can only … Read more

Read our emails!

We send you the info that you need both to submit a reasonable quote for service and to complete the verification, once accepted. If you call to ask a question that we have already answered in the instructions email, that’s a pretty good indicator to us that your work product is more likely to  be … Read more


Accept no more or no less than is required by the form. The new hire should present– and you should accept— only one document from List A or one document from List B and one document from List C. Some List A documents are actually a combination of two items (ex. foreign passport and I-94).

About Document Numbers

For most List A documents, the document number will be obvious. For a Permanent Resident Card or Employment Authorization Document, the document number will be in the format of THREE letters followed by TEN digits​ and will NOT be the same as the USCIS/Alien Number​. Depending on the card’s version, the number may be on … Read more