How to Set Up Electronic Return

This article describes how to set up your smartphone or tablet and your desktop and/or laptop to return completed forms and document copies electronically.

What You Need:

We recommend the free Dropbox app for scanning/converting to PDF, syncing to your desktop/laptop, and uploading to our site.

Dropbox Eliminates the Need for a Scanner

Using the Dropbox app, you can convert the two pages of Form I-9 and the identification documents into PDF files. You can save the files to a Dropbox folder, which automatically syncs the files to your PC or upload directly to our “Report Completion” form.

Using Dropbox

  1. Open the Dropbox app and tap the circled “+” (plus) sign in the lower right corner;
  2. Select “Create folder” and give the folder the employee’s name;
  3. Tap the circled “+” again and select “Scan document”;
  4. In the top right, turn ON the flash (flashlight icon);
  5. Position your phone over the first page so that the auto-crop window surrounds the page. Hold the phone level and still;
  6. Tap the camera icon to photograph the page;
  7. Tap “Adjust” and change the page setting to “B&W”. Tap the checkmark (top right) to save;
  8. Tap “Add page” and photograph the second page;
  9. Tap “Adjust” and change the page setting to “B&W”. Tap the checkmark (top right) to save;
  10. Tap “Add page” and photograph the identification documents;
  11. Tap “Adjust” and set to “Original.” Tap the checkmark (top right) to save;
  12. Tap the arrow in the top right to continue. Name the file and tap the arrow again to save the file.

TIP: For returns that include “Digital Download,” you will take the original form pages with you after the appointment. Photograph the employee’s identification documents at the meeting and image the form pages at your office, where you can do so without pressure, under optimal conditions.

Uploading the Files

Open our instructions email and go to the “Completion and Payment” section where you will click the “done” link. Enter the required info in the “Verification Completed” form. On selecting “Error Check” or a return option including “Digital Download, a file upload field will appear. Navigate to the Dropbox folder where you saved the files and select them for upload. Click “Submit.”


  1. Take photos on a well-lit surface. the better the lighting, the better your camera will focus;
  2. Use a dark-colored, flat surface for your background. The contrasting color will help the app auto-crop function find the page edges. Don’t place the pages on your lap or laptop keyboard;
  3. Position your smartphone so that the form page fills the screen and the auto-crop function can find the edges, but don’t get too close; your phone won’t focus.
  4. Hold your phone level and above the documents. Do not take photos at an angle;
  5. Never photograph the pages of Form I-9; always scan to PDF. We will reject form pages returned as images.
  6. Save images of identification documents in color, not in black & white or grayscale (like the form pages);
  7. Do not resize your images. The client employer may want to print the images, which will require the larger file size.
  8. Practice before you go into the field!

How to Create PDFs Using Windows

Windows has a built-in PDF creator that acts like an attached printer. Here’s how to setup and use the “Print to PDF” print driver:

Print Option 1: Right-Click the File

Once the image file is on your computer, right-click it and select “Print.” In the print dialog, select “Print to PDF” or “Microsoft Print to PDF” in the “available printers” list. Click “Print,” select the location into which you want to save the new PDF, and click “Okay” or “Print.”

Print Option 2: Print from Any Application

You can “print to a PDF” from almost any application within which you can open the image. In the application, select “Print,” then select “Print to PDF” or “Microsoft Print to PDF” in the “available printers” list. Click “Print,” select the location into which you want to save the new PDF, and click “Okay” or “Print.”

Installing “Print to PDF”

If you don’t find “Print to PDF” or “Microsoft Print to PDF” in the list of available printers, you can quickly install it:

  1. Method 1: Open the “Start” menu and in the search tab and type: “Turn Windows features on or off.” Make sure to check the “Microsoft Print to PDF” feature is checked. Click “OK” and exit. Restart your computer.
  2. Method 2: Open the “Start” menu; type and search for “Advanced printer setup” and click on the result. When different options are loaded, choose “Microsoft Print to PDF” and follow the instructions.

Can’t figure it out? Read on!

You will probably also need a PDF editor within which you can view PDF files. We recommend PDF XChange Editor, a free PDF viewer and editor. Installing this app will also install a “Print to PDF” print driver.

An alternative PDF viewer is the Adobe Reader.