Document Return Options Explained

Verifyi9 offers our client employers several different methods for returning completed documents to them.

Regular Mail – Put both pages of the original Form I-9 and the copies of the identification documents into an envelope; address the envelope to the return address from our instructions email; stick a stamp on it and send!

Certified Mail – Certified mail provides a tracking number by which we and the client employer can track the returning documents. Enter the tracking number when you report a completed task. A “Return Receipt” is not required.

Employee Return – After completing Section 2 (or 3) of Form I-9, you will hand the original Form I-9 to the employee. The employee is responsible for returning the original form and copies of identification documents to his/her employer.

Digital Download (Electronic Return) – Using your laptop, desktop or smartphone apps, you will create PDFs of Form I-9 and ID documents and upload them when you report the completed task. This return method is gaining favor with employers and service providers alike. Learn how

Employer Onboarding Portal – While meeting with the remote employee, the service provider logs into the employer’s onboarding portal using info provided by us. Form I-9 is completed online with minimal time and effort. A PC and internet access at the time of the face-to-face meeting is required.

Combination Returns – Our client employers can choose to receive files by Digital Download and Regular or Certified Mail. The employer usually wants the original form but also needs to meet the E-Verify deadline.

(Important: You are initially responsible for the cost of returning documents by mail, so be sure to include that cost in your quote for serviceTo be paid the full amount of your quote for service, you must return documents by the requested method.)