What in the Heck is Form I-9 and Why Should I Answer This Spammy Email?

So, if you clicked the link, you’re at least mildly curious. The least we can do is answer the question.

First, take off your “Notary Public” hat and put on the “Entrepreneur” hat, because this is about making more money. And pretty easy money, at that. (And, as you will see, being a Notary has nothing to do with making THIS money!)

We’ll keep it short and simple:

What is Form I-9?

Form I-9 is the form that employers must complete and keep on file for every new employee. The form is intended to prove that the new employee is authorized to work in the U.S.. For Section 2 of the form the employee presents, and the employer records, identification documents to prove identity and work authorization.

Why contact me about this?

Form I-9 requires a face-to-face meeting with the employee to complete Section 2. For a remote employee with whom the employer cannot meet, completing Form I-9 can be difficult. Fortunately, the regulations allow the employer to designate an “Authorized Representative” to complete Section 2 for them.

But I’m a Notary Public, not an “Authorized Representative”!

Didn’t we tell you to take your “Notary hat” off? An “Authorized Representative” can be any non-employee whom the employer expressly authorizes to complete Section 2. No specific qualifications or experience are required.  We are contacting you not because you are a Notary but because, as a Notary, you have the kind of experience and abilities that are needed to do this job quickly and efficiently:

  1. You are accustomed to reading, understanding and completing documents;
  2. You regularly set appointments and meet with people to complete your duties;
  3. You are probably equipped to complete these tasks away from your office;
  4. You’re in business to make money, enjoy doing so, and are open to expanding the services that you offer!

In fact, you can’t and won’t notarize a thing, so leave your notarial stamp at home!

So why should I answer your email and become an “Approved Service Provider”?

The short answer is: “Because you want to make more money.”

We really want to give you the cool new title, “Approved Service Provider” (ASP) but, more importantly, we just need some basic contact info and a description of the area that you serve so that we can contact you when we have a service request in your area. (Become an ASP)

Before we go looking for someone to do this job (like we’re doing now), we give our ASPs in the area the first shot at completing these service requests. If you’re not an ASP, you won’t receive invites to tell us what you will charge… your competitors will.

Whoa, whoa and hold up! How much do you guys pay?

The short answer is– what do you want to get paid? We will send you the details about a service request in your area. You will tell us how much you will charge to complete the task and, if yours is the lowest quote for service, our quote to our client, the employer, will be based on your proposed charge. And if our client accepts our quote, you will be paid what you quoted, on completion.

Your reaction might be, “Heck, no! I am not interested in this! It’s like a danged auction!” But we would ask: Ever had someone call to ask what you would charge to notarize a document and, after you provided a quote the caller said, “Great! I’ll get back to you.” Now, they’re going to call a competitor to see if they can get a lower cost.

Welcome to the world of “free market competition.” Let’s hope your quote was low enough for the caller.

Quoting on a service request costs you nothing. Your quote will cover your costs and include a reasonable profit, so you’re not going to lose money if  your quote is accepted. If you don’t become a service provider and send us quotes on tasks, your guaranteed income is zero.

Okay, you’re “quote logic” is impeccable. But, the last company I did this for only paid $20 and took FOREVER to pay. I don’t want to get ripped off!

Didn’t you hear us say that you set your rate, with your quote? Don’t send a quote for $20! Heck, we wouldn’t do this for $20! Here are some stats to help you decide to become an Approved Service Provider:

  • Average accepted quote: $67.62 (this may or may not be appropriate for your area);
  • Average # days from “quote accepted” to your “payday”: 29.2 days

Honestly, we can’t think of a single good reason not to become an Approved Service Provider and make a little easy cash but, if you’ve got one, we’d like to hear it. Just reply to our “Join Our Team” email or call 888-933-8374. Otherwise,