I accept!

When we send you an invitation to quote on a service request in your area, we ask you to “reply to this email and enter the amount you will charge in the top line of your reply (not the subject line). No other information is required, and may disqualify your quote.”

A growing number of service providers are just clicking the “I accept” quick response in Gmail or other email apps, instead of responding with a dollar amount. When you reply “I accept” without a dollar amount, we will assume that your quote is equal to the “Maximum Recommended Quote” (MRQ). If no MRQ is listed in the “invite to quote” email, your response will be discarded.

How we handle “qualified” quotes

Service providers occasionally respond with something like “I can do it for $75 but if the employee will meet me halfway, I can do it for $50.” This is a “qualified quote;” a quote with conditions.

However, our quote process is not a negotiation. We are working on a tight schedule, so we want you to review the terms of service, then provide a single dollar amount; the amount that you will charge to complete service as we defined it… by location, document return, deadlines, etc.

Quotes with conditions are almost always discarded, which takes you “out of the running” for that service request.