Outdated profiles to be removed from ASP database

We are currently removing from the active ASP database profiles that have not been updated since 2017 or before. Your profile will not be automatically deleted if you have recently responded to an invite to quote; however, you are likely to receive more opportunities if you submit an update.

We are also deleting the profiles of service providers who have not provided a Paypal email address or Paypal.me URL. As of October 2018, we no longer pay by check but by Paypal only. If you have not provided Paypal info, you have been ineligible to receive assignments since October 2018.

To update your profile, please go here.

Why updating your profile is important

Before mid-2018, we identified service providers in our database with a keyword search by state and city, county or zip code. The service provider application form allowed you to enter any of that information to define your service area.

Now, we only search the database by county and state. So if your profile’s service area is, for example, “Atlanta, College Park, Buckhead and Hapeville, Georgia,” you won’t be found when we’re looking for a service provider in “Fulton Georgia,” even if the employee is in one of those cities.

And remember… we conduct an exact match keyword search. If we look for a service provider in “San Bernardino California,” you won’t be invited to quote if you listed as your profile, “all of the counties in southern California.”

To update your profile, please go here.