Read our emails!

We send you the info that you need both to submit a reasonable quote for service and to complete the verification, once accepted. If you call to ask a question that we have already answered in the instructions email, that’s a pretty good indicator to us that your work product is more likely to  be late or contain errors.

A service provider recently failed to read, in both the invitation to quote and the service provider instructions, that the client employer required documents to be returned by certified mail. She failed to include that cost in her quote and, later, refused to return the documents as requested. We were able to complete the task but it is unlikely that we will rely on this service provider again.

In our experience, the service providers most likely to fail to read our emails are those doing business solely on their smartphone, where we tend to “scan” rather than “read” and are more easily distracted.

Do yourself a favor, and read our emails, from beginning to end.