The employer wants me to notarize something….

While meeting with our client’s new hire to complete Form I-9, you might occasionally be asked to notarize a document. The following explains our policy and how you may proceed when receiving a request to notarize a document.

(1) Form I-9 does not require notarization and you are prohibited from notarizing it by form rules. If the employee or employer asks you to notarize Form I-9, complete the assignment without notarization if possible, and contact us immediately.

(2) Notarization of related documents. An employer may know that Form I-9 itself cannot be notarized, but may believe that you can/must confirm their employee’s identity or documents by notarizing a separate document. However, your signature in the Certification section as the employer’s “Authorized Representative” fulfills the requirements of Form I-9. You should not complete and/or notarize a separate document that is intended to verify that you confirmed the employee’s identity or viewed identification documents. If you are asked to do this, contact us immediately.

(3) Notarization of other employment documents. The employer or employee may want to take advantage of the meeting to complete and/or notarize employment-related documents other than Form I-9. While our service terms prohibit you from discussing payment-related issues directly with our client or the employee, you may contract with the employer or employee to notarize documents not described in (1) or (2) above.

You must treat the transaction as unrelated and totally separate from your completion of our assignment. Verify I-9, LLC will not be a party to the transaction and is not responsible for your compensation. Further, the transaction must not interfere with the completion of our assignment to you. We recommend that you first complete Form I-9 according to the assignment email; after which you are free to negotiate for the notarization of other documents.

Please contact us with your questions.